A movement creating a new urban perception.

A new subculture, challenging the way we perceive the city. Gathering at certain times, they start to spread scent to create an additional layer of urban perception. Currents cumulate in the city and generate a new atmosphere.

This project aimed to provide a new way of expressing emotions in public spaces as urbanization and gentrification generate a grey concrete dessert leaving only little room to breath. Furthermore scent is mostly left out in city planning, although it is the only sense directly connected to the limbic system therefore triggering deep parts of our memories and the feelings connected to them. By imagining the Vibescapers we hope to trigger a new perspective of our human made surroundings and what sweet scents and emotions could wander through the streets of our cities...

Imagined by Max Scheidl, Sophie Falkeis and Laura Dominici - 2016
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