A local independent energy network created to survive some consequences of climate change.

The Microgrid is a local network interconnecting renewable energy generators. Sharing electricity between municipalities to create a more stable power supply in volatile weather conditions. Presented in the form of an installation, inspired by austrian hiking signs it consists of two maps, displaying how energy is shared and where it is used. The broadcast system, giving an energy and a weather forecast and tells us about the challenges the villagers are facing in this world. A charging station functioning as a last resort of power supply during blackouts. Almost like a fountain at the town square in old times.

This project aims to illustrate a world, where climate change has advanced further causing conventional energy distribution to fail. In response Austrian villages started to seek energy autonomy and formed the Microgrid, showcasing that we will face the consequences of climate change, yet sparking hope that we might find a way to adapt and overcome its challenges in new ways...

Imagined by Max Scheidl, Elizabeth Sharp, Silvio Skarwan and Simon Girardi - 2018
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